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Conrad Fulke O'Brien-ffrench. Artist and Spy.

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I know there are many people out there who have reminicences of Conrad and indeed ART. If anyone can provide more images of his art which I can show that would be marvelous. If there are any stories of the man out there I'd love to include them on site. This page is awaiting contributions . If you have any thing to say about the topic I am always available. best regards.

O'Brien ffrench the real James Bond?
Posted 1/1/00

In February 2008 Ireceivedan email asking me if I could provide an image of Conrad to be used as part of an exhibition being created on Ian Fleming and 007. I was happy to comply and sent the picture opposite at 81 Conrad for once plays up the Bond image for the Walter Stuart magazine feature done as he finished his Autobiography. I had just two months before the Exhibition opened. I set too it and well you are here! I really do hope you enjoy the tale.The Fleming Exhibition opened on the 17th of April at The Imperial War Museum London it runs to the 1st of March 2008. I have linked the picture to it's website. Thanks for reading.

For Your Eyes Only!
Posted 20th August 2008.

Contributed by Paul Atkinson

The Bond Within! A once familiar persona revisited
Conrad from Original Walter Stuart article in Macleans Magazine 1975

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