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Conrad Fulke O'Brien-ffrench. Artist and Spy.

The Art of Conrad O'Brien-ffrench

"Art is not about sentimentality; it is a medium for the conveyance of a spiritual vision--the inherent pristine beauty of nature, be it the human face or wherever. There, intrinsically, is the beauty of God. You know--you're going to live in it in every minute of your life, and every brushstroke of your art; and what comes out will touch people's hearts."
Conrad O'Brien-ffrench
From an article on Conrad from The Eden Valley News.
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On Art

By Conrad O’Brien-ffrench

He who becomes conscious of his true being will equally become conscious of the true nature of that which he observes - not the surface appearance only but the innate and rhythmic whole of its context in all its dimensions. We don't really understand our mission as artists until we begin to let it appear. Then little by little it starts to dawn, and we see the true nature and beauty of life in all its forms. Our service as transmitters of God’s loveliness may start by discovering that we have “green thumbs”. People speak of the responding spirits of plants. Of course all of God's kingdom is related under his Fatherhood, and automatically transmits His love in various forms. All objects reveal their relatedness to God in perfect rhythmic forms and the purpose of art is to observe and capture that in some medium and to perpetuate it through its outer appearance to the degree that we are aware of its deep , vibration of and full dimensional significance. The theme applies equally to all callings for the rhythmic beauty of creation is inherent sometimes more obviously revealed in some objects than in others, and this of course , includes the stars , suns , planets, etc…of the macrocosm of which we are aware by reason of our own maturity in spirituality.

The totality of the great universal nucleus is beyond our comprehension. We cannot use God, but can become conductants of His purposes when we stop being dead notes on his divine keyboard.

Intersynchronomy of creation is based on different rates of undulations or vibrations set in motion by impulses originating in the self-contemplating centre of all being. There is purpose to the universe beyond pleasing human perceptions. Pythagoras spoke of the music of the spheres, its harmony based on balanced cycles-and of course there is music in colour. Colour and rhythm, rhythm and form - all are means of Gods expression, and we can allow ourselves to become attuned to these more rarefied octaves as we learn to draw and study colour combinations and form. This is a vibratory universe and it sings in joy, it vibrates in praise, and it is cast in the mould of perfection from the beginning, so that this world and its inhabitants need not be exceptions. We are here to reveal His music and His design in all our ways.

Eden Valley News 1980

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